A Spring Tea Party Part II

"Gillian and I set the table in Annabelle's garden where roses, gardenias and jasmine made for a heady perfume. A gentle breeze was blowing. It was a perfect afternoon. We had a time choosing a teapot. They are all pretty. I told Gillian I would close my eyes and point. Whatever teapot I pointed to would be the one we used. Wasn't that clever of me?" Stafford giggled at the memory.

Hearing him from the kitchen, Annabelle smiled and shook her head.

Stafford's tummy growled again, louder than before.

Just then, the Sweet Pea Whimble called, "Staffie, lunch time."

"Yay!" Stafford cried.

He jumped off his writing chair and headed for the kitchen. He loved Annabelle's kitchen, all cozy and cheerful. It was full of scrumptious scents and happy memories.

After his lunch, he continued his writing.

"Miss Daphne arrived from The Hillside carrying a white and pink rose bouquet, her heart staff peaking out from within the flowers. It was a light-filled afternoon reunion with good conversation, tea and rhubarb pie. Miss Daphne regaled us with story after story from The Hillside. When she finished her last tale, the sun was setting. Soon we were saying our goodbyes, and I remember telling Miss Daphne, 'This was such a wonderful day! I wish it would go on forever.'

She smiled at me, reached down and gave me a hug. Then she said in her soft, gentle voice, 'Staffie, each new day is a gift. That is why they call it The Present. Look forward to them all.'

I must say Miss Daphne is one smart Hilliside Whimble."

The frog sighed happily, put his pen down and hopped into the garden to play. (la fin from The Sweet Pea Cottage in The Working Gardens - Caelumen)