Accessory - Fabric: Heart Bookmark

Accessory - Fabric: Heart BookmarkAccessory - Fabric: Heart Bookmark

A velvet heart, silk ribbon, and beading create the most elegant of bookmarks. This hand-sewn nostalgic offering may accessorize a coffee table book or the handle of an antique cabinet. Since all but the white bookmarks are lavender-filled, one might find that sleep comes more easily if the hearts don the book one reads in bed each evening. Given to one's sweetheart or friend, this product reminds us to "lead with our hearts and lighten the world."

Each of 2 hearts: approx. 2 1/4" l; ribbon: approx 13 1/2" l to create an 18" length.  All but the white heart bookmarks are filled with lavender.  The white ones are allergy free.