Figure - Ceramic: Sasha and Rudi's Heart Line

Figure - Ceramic: Sasha and Rudi's Heart LineFigure - Ceramic: Sasha and Rudi's Heart LineFigure - Ceramic: Sasha and Rudi's Heart LineFigure - Ceramic: Sasha and Rudi's Heart Line

The Orchid twins, Rudi and Sasha, live surrounded by terrestrial lady slipper orchids and mushrooms as well as the many anemones and violets that grow about their home carved into one of the many hillocks dotting their colony, The Grasslands. 

They love hearts almost as much as they love gardening and playing games. Rudi builds the most elaborately lightweight ladders from curly willow branches. He and his sister lean them against one orchid after another and climb up to the highest rung. There, they thread strong silk twist from one lady slipper to another where they not only pin their freshly washed clothes out to dry but also  every size of unique handmade hearts from one line to the next.

With the same silk twist the two create their favorite entertainment:  "The Heart Line Game." They send Companion, Elspeth to Annabelle the Sweet Pea Baker. In a wee saddle bag the elfin dragon  carries a beautiful orchid, anemone, or violet for Annie's special rock garden.  In return, the baker gives Elspeth a tiny basket of heart shortbread cookies, each with a hole at the top. When the dragon returns, she will find the twins sitting or standing on two mushrooms, swinging silk twist between them.  Elspeth carefully reaches into the basket with her snout and withdraws a cookie to give to Sasha.  The Whimble then runs the silk line through the hole. All watch as the heart slips down the twist to its center.  When the line is taut, the fun begins.

Elspeth takes to the sky. She executes one "loop de loop" after another. The twins cheer her on as she climbs higher and higher. Suddenly, she pivots and begins a rapid descent.  Down, down she spirals until she is just above them. She hovers for several moments next to the heart, then lowers herself below it, and ever so delicately flies under the line.  Her mission, to not touch either heart or line, is almost always a win.  

And guess what?  After the applause, the party begins.  Rudi positions Elspeth's most elaborate party hat on her head and hands her the prize - the shortbread heart cookie from the line.  Fresh lavender ice cream is handed around, and a wonderful afternoon of gaiety begins.  

Tabletop or Planter installation: approx. 3" w x 6" h; antique golden line: approx. 12" l

If not in stock, may take four or six weeks to fulfill.