Figure - Ceramic: Miss Fancy Duckling

Figure - Ceramic: Miss Fancy DucklingFigure - Ceramic: Miss Fancy Duckling

She's arrived. Miss Fancy Duckling has arrived. She's just in time to celebrate the first intimations of a dreamy Spring to come. Miss Fancy is as proud of her miniature pink egg shell throne as she is of The Party Hat that The Whimbles gifted her at birth.  As an Honorary Friend of The Whimbles, this sweet baby bird will be ever so vigilantly cared for while she grows into a beautiful duck. 

Her private wish is the hope that she will be as fine a duck as Clemmie from Penstemon Farm, beloved by all who live there. 

Tabletop: approx. 3" w (including feathers) x 4" h; ceramic & fabric including silk & velvet; bead, wire, & feather embellishment

Miss Fancy Duckling