Giclee Print: The First Bloom

Giclee Print: The First Bloom

Everyone assembled at dawn. In the Orchid Whimble Twins' meticulously tended garden protected by the River Birch, the first lady slipper orchid was open.  Elspeth whirred round and round it; having raised their bramble ladder, the twins were investigating the bloom, Hazel Rainbow Hedgehog, coming for her morning visit, was taken unawares. Hidden in a thicken of large violets, an interloper was watching. Wadleigh Weasel was back, having followed the first gentle spring breeze to Penstemon Farm.

(Cover art for "The Chronicles of Wadleigh Weasel & The Whimbles - A Winter Tale - 2015, Book II in The Penstemon Farm Whimble Adventure Series)

Unique giclee print: horizontal - approx. 13" x 17"  (including border) - archival hot press paper

Each print is titled, signed, and dated.

The First Bloom