Gillian and his Cheesecake

Gillian and his CheesecakeGillian and his CheesecakeGillian and his CheesecakeGillian and his Cheesecake

Whimble baker Annabelle's lifelong Companion, Gillian the Tiny Field Mouse, sits pertly on his creamy yellow cashmere tuffets, proudly displaying his special pastry delight, cheesecake on its tall stand.  The mouse sports his sous chef hat and apron, having been busy in Annabelle's bakery since the morning sun rose over Penstemon Farm.  He encourages all he meets to read "The Chronicles of Hissing Sid & The Whimbles - A Winter Tale" to learn more about his baking skills.  

Tabletop; approx. 4" w x 3" h x 4" l; ceramic, cashmere, lace, vintage bead & wire embellishment

(Gillian Collection - Dimensional Signature Work by Martha Young McQuilkin)

Gillian and his Cheesecake