The Upper Meadows

The Upper Meadows, home to The Pillow Whimbles, is directly north of The Woodlands. Cool easterly breezes flow down from The Spine onto the meadowland. Alpine flowers dance in the summer sunshine – gentians, daisies, bluets, poppies. Evergreen mountain cranberry is abundant, yielding a fruit that is gathered for the famed colony jam, cranberry mint. The Buckeye Butterfly flourishes in these northern reaches of Lumenesia. Buckeye caterpillars eat the wild snapdragons or “toadflax” and sip aster nectar when flighted. Honey bee colonies pollinate from early spring to late fall. Groves of walnut trees, growing in the northern reaches, are home to the colony’s resident protector, the Walnucus owl.

Denizens of The Upper Meadows